Suffering an injury on the job can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally. At JPM Physical Therapy PC, we understand the challenges you may face after a work-related injury, and we’re here to help. With our expertise in workers’ compensation cases and comprehensive rehabilitation services, we’ll guide you through the process of getting the care you need to recover and return to work. Through our physical therapy in Queens NY services to our workers comp doctor Queens NY option, we do it all to help our patients get the medical attention they need after an injury on the job. 

Seeking Medical Attention

The first step after a work-related injury is to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. Even if your injury seems minor, it’s essential to have it evaluated by a healthcare professional to determine the extent of the damage and receive appropriate treatment. Quite often after an accident, we feel fine as our adrenaline is rushing. But, with time, the adrenaline wears off, and you’re left in pain that should have been looked at to begin with. At JPM Physical Therapy PC, we specialize in treating work-related injuries and can provide the care you need to get back on your feet.

Report the Incident

It’s crucial to report any work-related injury to your employer as soon as possible. This not only ensures that you receive the necessary medical attention but also initiates the workers’ compensation process. Your employer should provide you with the appropriate forms to fill out, documenting the details of the incident and your injuries.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Once you’ve reported the injury, you’ll need to file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits for your medical expenses and any lost wages. The process can be complex, but the team at JPM Physical Therapy PC is here to help. We have experience working with workers’ compensation cases and can assist you in navigating the paperwork and documentation required for your claim.

Attend Medical Appointments

Throughout your recovery process, it’s essential to attend all medical appointments and follow the treatment plan prescribed by your healthcare provider. This not only ensures that you receive the care you need to heal but also provides documentation of your injury and treatment for your workers’ compensation claim. At JPM Physical Therapy PC, we offer same-day or next-day appointments to accommodate your schedule and expedite your recovery.

Participate in Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation plays a crucial role in recovering from a work-related injury and returning to full functionality. Our team of skilled professionals consists of a workers comp doctor Queens NY and a car accident doctor Queen, NY. At JPM Physical Therapy PC, we specialize in providing comprehensive rehabilitation services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, or pain management, we’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that promotes healing and restores your ability to perform your job duties safely.

If you’ve been injured on the job, don’t navigate the workers’ compensation process alone. Contact JPM Physical Therapy PC today for expert guidance and compassionate care. With our dedication to clinical excellence and outstanding customer service, we’ll help you recover from your work-related injury and get back to doing what you love.

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